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The latest news, Apple and Qualcomm fight endlessly, or will easy to master?

13 May 2017 - Apple and Qualcomm
The latest news, the United States Qualcomm and Apple struggle to show endless situation in Apple refused to pay the US high-pass royalties, according to Bloomberg reported that the US Qualcomm is seeking to ban the iPhone in the US ban on imports.
Qualcomm and Apple
Qualcomm in the front yard and Apple fight when the backyard also ignited the raging fire, sword means "Qualcomm" foundation.

One is said to be Qualcomm genuine Chinese companies, so that the United States Qualcomm to produce "Qualcomm" name, surrender "Qualcomm" brand, to produce "Qualcomm" profit.

How is this another thing?

Originally, as early as the 90s of last century, China has a Qualcomm company, and then the computer has not yet popular, in order to solve the computer does not display Chinese characters show problems, obsessed with technology research and development of China Qualcomm first generation team set up.
2017Qualcomm and Apple
China Qualcomm was established in July 1992, was also called "Shanghai Qualcomm Computer Co., Ltd.", as one of the few technology companies, won the first batch of national high-tech enterprises. "Qualcomm" Hanka, as China's top pot of gold, and Lenovo, Jinshan, giant keep pace with each other.

But with Microsoft into China, "Han card" out of the stage of history, China Qualcomm did not keep up with the pace of the times, business development gradually behind. At this time, the United States Qualcomm into the Chinese market, with its strong technical advantages, strong capital reserves, quickly cover the integrated circuit industry, as the last straw, China's high-pass forced the road.

At that time, China Qualcomm actually part of the energy to the United States - early 1998, China Qualcomm went to the United States set up a Silicon Valley technology companies.

The two operations, naturally dispersed the energy of China Qualcomm; and then the United States Qualcomm hype. China Qualcomm has clearly reached the occasion of life and death.

In order to survive this difficult, China Qualcomm team or the focus shifted to China, but also under the guidance of the National Beacon, the development of integrated circuit Chinese character chip, blaze a trail.
Qualcomm and Apple2017
Compared to China Qualcomm, the United States Qualcomm then can be described as sailing, and even possible that China QUALCOMM will collapse sooner or later, they ignored the existence of China Qualcomm, has been constantly using Qualcomm to promote.

In recent years, the author found a funny thing, although the major sites are Qualcomm, Qualcomm to call the United States Qualcomm, but in fact, the United States Qualcomm in recent years has been less prominent "Qualcomm" trademark.

Advertising, official online, microblogging, frequent use of "Qualcomm". In fact, "Qualcomm" is the real name of American Qualcomm.

April 2014, perhaps a focus in the history of intellectual property, forbear for nearly 16 years of China Qualcomm, "trademark" infringement grounds, the US high-profile to the court.

May have readers to see here will ask, has been 16 years, China Qualcomm can also sue it?

According to online sources, China Qualcomm since the beginning of infringement, every 2 years to the United States Qualcomm sent a lawyer letter, although did not get the US high-pass response, but at least protect their own right to win.

After a lapse of 3 years, facing the trial limit approaching, the results will be announced. If China's Qualcomm victory, the United States before the 
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