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QC4.0 fast charge smart phone will come in mid-year

09 May 2017 - QC4.0
There are already several mobile phones equipped with Qualcomm's latest Xiao Long 835 processor, we know that the processor is to support QC4.0 fast charge technology, but in fact there is no mobile phone to support the fast charge specification, the good news is, Qualcomm Smartphone, which supports QC4.0, will come in mid-year.
Qualcomm said QC4.0 is one of the fastest smartphone charging technologies, and the new charging technology is about 20% faster than its predecessor, Quick Charge 3, which charges the smartphone in less than 15 minutes 50%, or five minutes full of five hours of talk time. Qualcomm's argument is based on 2,750mAh battery, but now many new phones have more than 3000mAh capacity of the battery.
At present, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Samsung S8, millet 6 are equipped with Xiao Long 835 processor, but the three do not support QC4.0.
Qualcomm currently declined to disclose the names of mobile phones that support Quick Charge 4, they just claim to have more than 600 million devices to support QC2.0 and 3.0.
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