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Graphene battery !

09 May 2017 - Graphene battery
Ren Zhengfei: We are on the way forward, to dare to pay the proceeds of R & D costs

In that year, Huawei and the University of Manchester National Institute of graphene to work together to explore the graphene in the information and communication technology business applications. This is also one of the representative projects for deepening the cooperation in scientific research between China and Britain.

But referring to graphene electronic business, many people's minds first reaction is "still early." The concept of a few years ago, continue to refresh, and truly able to play its characteristics and commercial products have been slow to see.

Recently, Huawei announced a major breakthrough, the world's first super-graphene-based battery debut, business is no longer distant

"Graphene electronic business" out of reach of the status quo by Huawei to break!

After a lapse of more than a year later, at the recent 57th Japan Battery Conference, Huawei Research Lab W lab announced to the world: lithium battery technology to achieve a major breakthrough, the world's first super-graphene battery debut, but also Will be used for commercial!

Grain technology in the end how many cattle?

For smart phones, the use of graphene technology, mobile phones, charging rate than ordinary mobile phones increased by 40%, foreign research institutions have been developed by graphene 20 seconds high-speed charging mobile phone lithium cathode material. And even can make a higher degree of flexibility of the mobile phone screen.

Experiments show that graphene-based new high-temperature technology can be lithium-ion battery ceiling temperature increased by 10 ℃, the service life is 2 times that of ordinary lithium-ion battery, the base station energy storage business will bring innovation. The future of this technology will allow mobile phone processor performance is liberated, making mobile phone control fluency faster!

Huawei announced: the end of December will be officially released super fast charge mobile phone

In fact, graphene is not a new thing, in 2010, the graphene inventor won the Nobel Prize, the research for graphene on the official began.

In 2013, Samsung at CES on the display of graphene flexible screen. The same year, US scientists have also developed a graphene-based materials, super capacitors, the use of graphene cell phone battery is fully charged just 5 seconds.

However, due to the expensive graphene (5000 yuan / g), so the production of graphene materials, electronic equipment cost is very high, so that there is no real find suitable for industrial low-cost large-scale promotion of production technology.

But this time, the study of the graphene battery is a high-temperature graphene lithium-ion battery is to use graphene to transform the lithium-ion battery, battery life and environmental adaptability to do some optimization, making the battery performance more it is good.

Huawei's chief scientist Li Yangxing Watt Laboratory also said that through Huawei's test:

1, this new battery at 60 ° C temperature cycle 2000 times, capacity retention rate is still more than 70%;

2, stored at high temperature 60 ℃ 200 days, the capacity loss rate of less than 13%.

(This battery used in smart phones, the phone with more than six months after the cell phone battery will be wind power down the situation will not happen!)

In addition, the results of this research will bring to the communications base station energy storage business innovation. In the hot area using the high-temperature lithium-ion battery base station working life of up to 4 years. And graphene lithium-ion batteries will also help UAVs under high-temperature heating of the safety of flying, electric vehicles in the high temperature environment, durable life, and fast electric vehicle charging.

Although the current graphene base and Huawei has not been used in mobile phones only, but the good news is that Huawei will launch at the end of the fried chicken fast-charging mobile phone, 5 minutes to full 3000mAh 48% battery power! (Charging also wind!)

As early as last year, Huawei Watt Laboratory in the 56th Japan Battery Conference released 5 minutes to fill with 3000mAh battery 48% of the fast-charge technology results, causing widespread concern in the industry. According to Dr. Li Yangxing said, Huawei has been quick rechargeable battery business, and will be officially released by the end of December this year, super fast charge mobile phone.

Why spend huge sums of money to study graphene Huawei?

Ren Zhengfei: graphene future will lead to changes in many fields

Why in recent years, Huawei spent huge sums of money, so a strong study of graphene?

Ren is the explanation is: now the chip has the limit width, silicon limit is seven nanometers, has been approaching the border, graphite has indeed begun to touch the forefront of the technological revolution. In a sense, graphene already has the ability to change in multiple areas.

There are media that Huawei's investment in graphene in the UK will help Huawei continue to expand the European market. You know, in the third quarter Huawei's smartphone market share in the United States was only 0.4%, well below the 6% of ZTE. While Europe is China's second largest market in addition to China, Huawei overseas market revenue accounted for 45.7% last year, which accounted for 27.2% of European market share of revenue.

However, although Huawei has developed the world's first super-graphene-based battery debut, but still in this area is facing enormous competition.

According to incomplete statistics, as of mid-2015, the world has more than 200 institutions and more than 1,000 researchers engaged in graphene technology development and research, many of them Intel, Samsung, IBM and other technology giants.

And many countries, including China, are also promoting the industrialization of graphene. Recently, from the National Standardization Technical Committee of nanotechnology news, graphene national standard-setting work has started. Data show that all countries, China's largest number of applications for graphene patents, has more than 2,200, accounting for one-third of the world.

This is graphene technology! This is Huawei's faith!

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