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Epic-style patent war Apple Qualcomm behind the resentment

08 May 2017 - Apple Qualcomm
Apple Qualcomm is carrying out an epic war. According to the US Yahoo Technology reported that for a long time, Qualcomm has been uphold the "do not buy the license is not to the chip" strategy, to use its technology companies to collect royalties. The report pointed out that Qualcomm asked Apple to pay part of the iPhone income as its patent licensing fee, for which Apple has sue Qualcomm in three countries. Apple Qualcomm "war" is explosive!
Apple is suing Qualcomm USA for $ 1 billion ($ 6.9 billion), filed suit against Qualcomm China for $ 145 million ($ 1 billion), and then filed in the UK litigation. Qualcomm is now counterclaim, but also a lot of money at the same time.

Qualcomm asked the United States to block iPhone

According to Bloomberg News, Qualcomm has asked the US International Trade Commission for an iPhone ban on US imports due to Apple's suspension of licensing fees to Qualcomm. If the ban is implemented, iPhone will not be able to enter the US market, which will give Apple 40% of sales losses.

However, in the May 2 conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the ban will not be established, because Qualcomm never made Apple's iPhone patent requirements permission.

Qualcomm cut profit estimates
As the outcome of the proceedings is not clear, Apple decided to stop paying all royalties, Qualcomm has also cut its profit forecast.

According to Reuters reported on April 28, Qualcomm will not be able to obtain Apple contract manufacturers in the first quarter of 2017 sales of royalties. Apple spokesman said in an e-mail, if the two sides can not agree on the amount of royalties, Apple will suspend payment until the court sentenced the final result. As a result, Qualcomm's third-quarter revenue was revised down from $ 5.3 billion to $ 6.1 billion ($ 36.6 billion to $ 42.1 billion) from $ 5.8 billion to $ 5.6 billion (from $ 33.1 billion to $ 38.6 billion ).

Apple Qualcomm filed suit with each other!

Qualcomm said that Apple deliberately did not play the role of high-pass chip in the iPhone 7, to prevent it beyond Intel's modem. IPhone 7 is the first in recent years, not using the high-pass iPhone version of the chip. Qualcomm said Apple "does not use the iPhone 7 in the use of Qualcomm chipset of some high-performance features (to prevent consumers to enjoy Qualcomm's comprehensive innovation)." But Apple said there was no significant difference between Qualcomm chips and Intel chips.

In addition, Qualcomm also said that Apple has been "blurring facts and making false statements."

Apple filed a third suit
Qualcomm apple
Apple in the United States and China after the lawsuit, but also filed a lawsuit to Qualcomm UK. It was reported that Apple filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm in the UK in January, but the lawsuit was not noticed until Apple filed suit against Qualcomm UK again.

According to Bloomberg News, Apple Qualcomm Although the details of the latest litigation case is not clear, but it is indeed related to the patent and design, which is similar to Apple's lawsuit in the United States and China.

Qualcomm: Apple just want to pay less money

Qualcomm in the quarterly performance report on Apple sent some provocative discourse. Qualcomm CEO Steve Morlenkoff said that Apple just wants to get as much money as possible from the lawsuit.

"Apple's complaint contains a lot of assertions, but in the final analysis, this is a commercial dispute over intellectual property," Morankov said in CNET's report. "Qualcomm established fair value in the technology market, and Apple used the technology to earn Billions of dollars, but only want to pay less. "

Qualcomm president Derek Aberly said Qualcomm's technology "has been significantly improved", but the company has never raised its patent licensing fees. "If you carefully analyze all of Apple 's arguments, you will find that they are obviously meaningless," he said. "It' s easy, Apple just wants to pay less for the technology they use.

However, Qualcomm CEO Moran Coff said that Apple Qualcomm even in the legal competition period, Qualcomm will continue to supply chips to Apple.
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